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1) Annual rate is for a 1 year commitment on Cabins and RV Sites, 1st and Last  Payments to be paid up front. Cabins require deposit.
Should you leave before the year is out, you are still liable for the balance of the year's remaining annual lease rate and Site Reverts Back to Almost Home RV Park.

2) There shall be a $100.00 electrical deposit which will be held until the site is no longer leased and credited against the final electric bill if applicable.

3) A $35.00 late fee will be charged on all payments received following the 3 day grace period and partial payments will not be accepted. RENT IS DUE ON THE 1st.

4) 30 days prior to end of the lease period, tenant will need to sign a new lease or give notice to management that they are not keeping the campsite for another year. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of campsite and last months payment as deposit.

5) Electric meters are read by BPU not management.

6) RVs and campers must be at least 15 ft. long, on a wheeled frame, and cannot be over 25 years old for yearly stay. All others welcome in our temporary sites also weekend sites.

7) Campers will be responsible for placing their own garbage in the dumpster located in front of laundry area.

8) Lessee agrees to abide by all the laws of the State of Tennessee and Henry County, Tennessee, while on the campground premises, and to be responsible for the acts of any person visiting the lessee on the campground premises. No exceptions...

9) Quiet hours are between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Please respect your neighbors during this time. There shall be no loud or boisterous conduct or unruly behavior during this time.

10) Visitors to campers are permitted. Visitors should be at the campsite of, or in the company of the person they are visiting. No tents are permitted unless approved by the Campground Manager. ALL VISITORS MUST REGISTER WITH OFFICE PRIOR TO STAY...

11) Lessees shall be responsible for having their children or guests at their campsite or in their presence after 10:00 PM. No children should be left unattended.

12) A maximum of two motor vehicles may park at each campsite. Boat trailers are considered vehicles for the purpose of this paragraph. Parked vehicles must not hamper traffic flow, or cause safety hazards or site damage. Short term parking is allowed in the extra parking area or near office in parking spots.

13) Golf carts and Side by Sides are allowed only on the roadway. No one under 16 years of age may drive a golf cart or side by side unless accompanied by an adult. Golf carts without headlights shall be parked 30 minutes before dark, and those with headlights shall be parked by 11:00 PM. Violators of this paragraph will have to remove the golf cart from park if problems occur.

14) Bicycles are to be ridden only on roadways and parked on a lessee's pad. Bicycles may not be ridden on grass areas. Bicycles shall be parked 30 minutes before dark unless equipped with lights.

15) Vehicles, boats, golf carts, and similar items shall NOT be washed at the park. The manager should be contacted about washing campers.

16) Pets must be kept on a leash, and they are prohibited at the bathhouse and /or  laundry room unless it is a service animal. Please do not allow pets on unoccupied campsites. A pet walking area is provided behind main house. Please use poop bag to clean up after your pet.

17) All food scraps shall be placed in plastic bags and bound before being put in the garbage cans before leaving the campsite. Fish remains shall NOT be disposed of at the park. Other campsite trash cans shall not be used by the lessee.

18) Each lessee is responsible for his or her lot. It should be kept clean at all times, and all belongings must be kept inside the lessee's camping area. No storage under camper.

19) Gray water shall not be dumped on the ground. A cap shall be kept on gray water tanks at all times. 

20) Water and gas shall be turned off when not in use.

21) Any disturbances should be reported to the resident manager, or his/her designated representative. You may be asked to leave if it is required. NO REFUND or any problem. If you are asked to leave you give up all rights of residency and no eviction notice is required. No drugs or prostitution is allowed on property. You will be removed from property immediately.

22) Satellite cables must be contained on your campsite. If your satellite can not be installed entirely on your campsite, it will not be permitted, unless approved by the manager.

23) Nothing shall be placed beneath the surface of the ground without first getting the approval of management.

24) Sex Offenders, Drugs are prohibited.

25) If you sell your camper and leave the park, the site does not go with the sale. The site then reverts back to Almost Home RV Park.

26) If lessee violates any provision of this agreement tenant may be evicted immediately, without a refund. Failure by the owner, Jim and Sheri Napier, or the resident manager, or their designated representative to take action immediately for a breach of any provision of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of said breach.

27) Each lessee is responsible for providing his or her own insurance. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft.

28) Neither Almost Home RV Park, its owners, nor any employees will be responsible for any accidents or injuries to lessees, their property, or their guests, nor for any flooding, wind or other acts of God, and in return in part against Almost Home RV Park, its owner, employee's, injury or act of God.

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